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A young woman shared the experience of her angelic journey :  "I saw the shadow of a figure.
He stood next to a tree in the center of a garden. 
He walked toward me.  As he drew closer, I sensed that this was my father who had died years before. 
A lifetime of grief welled up within me and left in a great burst of tears.  We embraced and a calm peace filled me completely.  Today, I feel comfort in knowing that he is well and always close by my side."

Others experienced the following: 
A young woman who ended a relationship of many years relaxed to the peaceful, soft music.  Heavy sadness rose and left.  She felt a lightness within.

A mother whose young child died in a fire was reunited with this child's angel.  Her sorrow lifted, her anguish melted away and tears of joy flowed.

A woman who suffered illness each year on the anniversary of her mother's death met her mother in the angelic realms.  Her mother comforted her and helped release the pain of her sorrow.  She is now free to enjoy her mother's angelic presence anytime.